Meet The Team Behind The Shred Cube

In 2005, Nancie Williams was a young lawyer who realized a future growing problem in the legal world: how to dispose of old client files. She would continue to see the growing problem as use of digital client data became more and more prevalent in the legal community as well as all other industries. It wasn’t until she teamed up with Alex Stieb with his background in industrial manufacturing and engineering that they created the solution to digital data destruction for all industries. Alex, Nancie and the Shred Cube team have now revolutionized secure data and file destruction without the need to destroy your entire computer system.


Our mission is to bring the simplicity of your office paper shredder to your computer and digital files. We believe that allowing users to properly dispose of their digital data and information is paramount in today’s technology driven world is paramount to protecting your identity, your assets and your life. Your security solutions should be accessible to all users and easy to use.

shred cube ready to delete files
shred cube ready to delete files next to sunglasses
shred cube ready to delete files with quick start guide
shred cube ready to delete files with white background
Nancie and Alex headshot

Shred Cube

Company Values

From our families and business to yours, we pour everything we have into ensuring that you can safely and securely permanently delete your digital files. We give you a computer file shredder in the palm of your hand. Simple, secure and trusted.

Alex Stieb


Nancie Williams


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