All You Need to Know About Secure Web Browsers

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The computers have taken over. Desktop and mobile computers have changed the way people live their lives across virtually every milieu, whether at work or home. 

This is not some bleak, post-apocalyptic reality like you see in the movies, however. It’s an empowering situation in which the push of a button can do a lot of beneficial things – so long as you can keep your data and privacy secure from those who would steal it for malicious purposes.

The need to safeguard your data and information is an unfortunate consequence of the increasingly digital world, and it’s the key reason you need to start using secure web browsers. There are too many bad actors willing to do damage should they ever get their hands on your data.

Secure web browsers are those that have extra security measures in place to ensure that third parties are barred from any unauthorized activities while you surf the web. These browsers have a list of authorized programs and activities, and they prevent functions and activities not on that “safelist” from running. This post takes an in-depth look at secure web browsers and how they make the internet a safer place for you and your family.

The Importance of Choosing to Use Secure Web Browsers

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Most people understandably think of antivirus software and antispyware whenever a conversation about cybersecurity comes up. These pieces of software are best seen as corrective measures instead of preventive, however, because they react after a threat has become apparent in your computer.

Secure web browsers, on the other hand, prevent harmful actions from occurring in the first place. They are a preventive measure that saves you from the trouble of having to worry about security issues at all while you surf. They’re also great at stopping third-party tools like cookies that collect tracking data like usernames, passwords, and websites you’ve visited.

Secure web browsers are the way to go if you’re interested in not having your identity shared online. They get even more powerful when you use them in conjunction with a VPN that takes charge of hiding your IP address, location, and data in transit.

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6 Best Secure Web Browsers You Can Use

There’s a slew of secure web browsers to choose from, depending on what your needs or priorities are. Privacy is, of course, one factor to consider when selecting a safe browser, but there are others like speed, performance, and demand on your system. Here are a few of the best secure web browsers available right now:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Its many features leave Firefox users convinced it’s one of the best browsers available today. It’s undoubtedly among the most secure. Privacy features on this browser abound: It alerts you if your email happens to be included in a known data breach; it blocks annoying notification popups; and it prevents “fingerprinting” browser traffic from taking hold.

It comes with enough customization to make it the Swiss Army knife of browsers, and the fact that it’s regularly updated leaves it perpetually on the cutting edge when it comes to privacy protection and cybersecurity.

2. Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge browser displayed on a blue microsoft surface computer

There was a time not long ago when Microsoft was considered a villain with a browser everybody loved to hate. Those days are firmly in that past, however. The Edge browser that Microsoft produces today is perhaps the fastest, most innovative browser on the market. Its privacy tools are also super intuitive to understand and use, letting users feel in control of how their information is handled and secured while they browse.

Microsoft Edge’s privacy-focused features include password managers, ad-blockers, popup blockers, a dedicated page for privacy and settings, and a site permissions page that lets you dictate what websites are allowed to do and not do, such as blocking MIDI device access and media autoplay.

3. Opera 

Opera comes with a built-in proxy, stellar security features, and a nice interface you can start enjoying the moment you fire up the browser. It lets you customize a host of privacy features like the built-in ad blocker and secure messaging that allow you to browse securely on the web.

4. Google Chrome

google chrome browser displayed on a laptop at a coffee shop

This secure web browser can be considered the world’s favorite browser. Not only is Google Chrome safe and easy to use, it also comes with advanced privacy features like built-in transparency protection and warning of phishing attempts or malware websites. 

Google Chrome is built to warn you when your email has been compromised; it wards off dangerous mixed files such as images and scripts on otherwise safe connections, and it provides secure DNS search for compatible providers. There’s also Chrome dark mode, which makes browsing easier on the eyes and uses less power. 

5. Brave

Brave is less common than many entries on this list, but it’s no less ambitious when it comes to privacy and security. Every time you close Brave, it asks you what data you would like to have deleted. Other security features include a script blocker and HTTPS Everywhere, among others. You have a lot of leeway to customize how private and secure you want to be whenever you fire up this browser.

6. Tor

Tor pulls few punches when it comes to privacy and security. This web browser not only clears all cookies when closed, it also anonymizes you. It comes with a plethora of integrated applications to secure your privacy, like NoScript. There can be no better way to tiptoe around the internet unnoticed than with this browser, making it one of the most secure on this list.

These are the browsers you should be looking at if you’re privacy-conscious and want more control over who gets your data and how it gets handled. You’re likely to remain relatively safer than with other browsers, even if you don’t change a thing and browse with factory settings. It’s one big step, along with digital file shredding, that can boost your security profile.

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