Persons desk set up with the Best Computer Accessories.

The 6 Best Computer Accessories for Home Offices

Were you prepared to work from home with the best computer accessories when COVID-19 hit? If you are one of the many people who transitioned to remote work, you have no doubt experienced what a huge change this can be. You may have been accustomed to a bustling workplace and had to adjust to communicating by email, Zoom, or other technological methods. 

There is a wide spectrum of feelings about working from home ranging from “I can’t wait to get back into the office” to “I want to work from home forever!” Wherever you fall on it, the right computer accessories can be the difference between being a work-from-home warrior or a disengaged drone. We’ve compiled a list of the best computer accessories for working from home, plus a list of those that just aren’t worth your money.

From the Office to the Home Office

Some people may have already had a home office set up prior to getting the order that everyone would be transitioning to remote work. Others may have had to scramble to find a place in their house to set up — and then had to contend with the rest of the family being home with them. There are a few key elements that make working from home different than working in an office. 

  1. Finding a Space to Work
    Arguably the most crucial part of setting up to work from home is staking out an “office” space equipped with Wi-Fi. Whether you are looking for a nice quiet space away from the rest of the household or one where you can feel the most comfortable, it’s all about creating a space that works for you. Don’t forget a pair of headphones just in case!
  2. Different Technologies
    If you are used to working in an office, your office likely came equipped with a computer and other kinds of technology that did not come home with you. This might be limiting in terms of the type or amount of work you can accomplish at home, or may have necessitated using videoconferencing programs that require a webcam, headset, a microphone, or Bluetooth. Either way, working from home likely had some adjustment in terms of available technologies.
  3. Changing Conditions
    Office environments tend to have carefully controlled conditions and an office culture, or at least a sense of etiquette that shapes how everyone interacts. Most don’t require you to worry about things like cleaning the toilets or vacuuming the floors, but it’s a different story in your own home and can be challenging to separate being ” at work” from ” at home”. This means it is crucial to make sure your home office fits your work needs so you can be productive and focused.

Accessories that Can Help You Work From Home Like a Boss

The right accessories can make transitioning to remote work a breeze. 


Whether you already had a home office or have been uncomfortably working from your dining table or kitchen counter, this is the perfect time to invest in office furniture. 

  • Office Desk 

Having the right desk for your home office is crucial. Consider a beautifully built desk with plenty of storage or something stylish that can be repurposed when it is no longer needed as a desk. You can find options on sites like Amazon that will fit your needs without breaking the bank.

  • Office Chair

The right desk chair can be the difference between comfort and productivity or muscle straining. Chairs like this ergonomic office chair come highly rated, and keep your spine aligned for optimal posture. If you are looking to upgrade your current chair, try out the high-quality seat cushion from Purple. According to its reviews, it allows you to sit comfortably for hours even in a dining room chair.

Person pointing at computer with the best computer accessories

Home Office Tech

One of the biggest challenges for people transitioning to remote work may be limited access to certain technologies they are used to having at the office. A few easy-to-find accessories may be able to help. Things like HDMI cords, USB cords, flash drives, an external hard drive, and a mouse pad are critical, as are other beneficial devices. 

  • Wireless Mouse

It is important to have the right computer and laptop accessories. Many offices provide equipment like a mouse, computer, and keyboard. If you didn’t get to take your equipment home with you, check out this wireless mouse from Logitech.

  • Tablet Accessories

Many people are foregoing laptops and opting for tablets, meaning having accessories that improve function can make working from home much easier. It may also be important to have accessories for your cell phone or smartphone, like a charger. Logitech’s Slimfolio Keyboard iPad case can also be found on Amazon and comes with good reviews.

Accessories You Might Regret Buying

Everyone has different needs when setting up their home offices, so it is important to choose the right accessories for you. That being said, there are some office gadgets that most find overrated.

  • Adjustable Monitor Arms
    An adjustable monitor arm allows you to adjust your monitor’s height and turn it at any angle. This can be achieved by monitor stands or using a box or stack of books, meaning this upgrade might be overrated.
  • Standing Desks
    Standing desks have gotten a lot of hype, but it’s mostly overrated. If being able to work while standing is appealing to you, opt for an adjustable desk that can be used sitting or standing. 

The Office Accessory Everyone Should Have

Working from home securely should be a top priority, and being able to permanently remove files as necessary is a crucial element of that plan. One office accessory that cannot be overstated is a digital file shredder like Shred Cube. The device keeps your personal information safe by destroying documents you no longer need and making sure they are permanently deleted, which helps keep your work secure while you’re not working on your company’s secured network. Each person’s work-from-home experience is unique, but every remote worker has a need for a space that helps encourage productivity and security. Contact Shred Cube today to discuss your home office computer accessory needs, or to speak with an expert about digital file security questions you may have.