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Do you have a lawyer in your life that you need to get a gift for? Or maybe you hired a lawyer and you want to show your appreciation for their services?

Lawyers have to handle high levels of stress and long hours. Stats show that 93% of young lawyers experience stress at their job. 

The best gift for a lawyer is one that shows you care about them. One that helps them unwind, handle their busy lifestyle or reduce sources of stress.

Not something they’ll never use, which will just add clutter to their already frenetic lives. 

If you’re determined to avoid gifts that are destined to be dust collectors, and instead give something with real value, keep reading. 


A Really Good Read


If you’re on the hunt for the best gift for a lawyer who loves literature, then a good read is a safe bet. 

Even if the person isn’t a big reader, getting them a great book could still be a worthwhile option. If they’re not in the habit of reading, gifting them an enjoyable book could be the perfect way to get them hooked on unwinding with a stimulating read. 

Research has shown that reading is highly relaxing and a powerful antidote to stress. Studies reveal that reading is more effective for combatting stress than listening to music, having a cup of tea, or going for a walk. Just 6 minutes of reading can lower your heart rate by 68% and reduce muscle tension. 

Reading can also improve empathy and improve brain health in later years by more than 30%. Finally, studies have also shown that book readers live an average of 2 years longer than non-book readers. 

Of course, picking a good for another person can be a tough call, especially if you’re not sure what genre they like or what books they have already read. 

If you’re not sure what your lawyer’s literary tastes are, one of the best options is to get them a classic. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a particularly good choice. Not only is it a timeless classic that everyone would be proud to have on their bookshelf—even if they’ve already read it—but it also addresses issues of injustice, something that calls to most lawyers’ sense of ethos. 

If you select this as a gift for your lawyer, we’d recommend that you get a high-quality version, such as this leather-bound version with gold lettering.


A Stylish Umbrella


Lawyers tend to be on the go and on-call most hours of the day (and sometimes the night as well). They don’t have the luxury of staying in when the weather is bad, which is why our second attorney gifts recommendation is an umbrella. 

But not just any umbrella. Lawyers need to look smart and well put together no matter the weather. They don’t want to come floundering out of a taxi brandishing a polka-dot umbrella from Target with a cheap plastic handle. 

Instead, look for something that any lawyer would be proud to carry with them, that’s well made, won’t fall apart in 4 months’ time. 

The majority of umbrellas these days are high-quality, but you can still find premium options that will last for years and look impeccably expensive and stylish while doing so. 

Not convinced that an umbrella is a good enough gift for your attorney or lawyer loved one? Take a look at this Heriot Stick Umbrella complete with a genuine whangee handle. 


A Massage


According to reports, a lot of lawyers work a minimum of 80 hours per week. That is an immense workload and enough to put anyone’s neck out of joint. 

Although lawyers aren’t lifting heavy weights or overworking their muscles, they can still be susceptible to backache and neckache. Sitting for long hours at a desk isn’t good for spinal alignment. Lawyers who attend trial also spend many hours on their feet which can also cause backache. 

Lastly, remember that stat we mentioned in the beginning about stress? 

Although they almost certainly need it, lawyers are also probably some of the last people to make time in their schedules for a message. 

A nice way to say thank you to your lawyer (or show caring for a lawyer friend or relative) is to gift them a massage gift card. 


Best Gift: Peace of Mind Through Cyber Security and a Smooth Running PC


Lawyers deal with a lot of sensitive documents. If there is a security breach and sensitive client information is stolen, their reputation and livelihood could be on the line. 

What makes things even more stressful is that most traditional methods of disposing of documents aren’t actually all that secure. Shredding physical documents still leaves tangible traces of the file. 

When it comes to digital documents, deleting them is also not a total guarantee that they are gone forever. This is because hackers can retrieve deleted documents that most people wouldn’t know how to access. 

If you want to give your lawyer the very best gift possible—one that has a practical purpose, that they will use almost every day, and give them ultimate peace of mind—we’d recommend gifting them The Shred Cube.

The Shred Cube is a small hardware device that acts as a digital shredder. All you have to do is insert it into your PC, and select what files you want to shred. 

The Shred Cube will digitally shred the selected files, eradicating them completely, for good. It also deletes all data related to those files so that there is absolutely no way anybody could ever retrieve them. On top of that, the Shred Cube can also help your computer run faster by completely wiping unwanted files. 

Even if the world’s most skilled super-hacker stole your lawyer’s computer, they’d still not be able to retrieve files that have gone through The Shred Cube. 


Looking for the Best Gift for Your Lawyer? The Shred Cube Has You Covered


Picking out the best gift for a lawyer can be tough going. However, now that you’ve read our guide you’ll be equipped with some thoughtful gift ideas. 

We might be a little biased, but we’d definitely recommend Shred Cube as a top gift for saying thank you to your lawyer. Shred Cube solves a worrying problem lawyers have, which is how to fully dispose of sensitive digital information. 

By giving your lawyer or loved one a Shred Cube you could potentially save them endless trouble and legal issues in the future. 

Ready to gift the lawyer in your life ultimate peace of mind? Check out The Shred Cube now. 

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