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An illustration of a digital iCloud with storage full connected to several points on the surface below.

5 Steps to Take When Your iCloud Storage Is Full

28 Jul 2021
A woman deals with a laptop overheating and having a cartoonish explosion due to poor ventilation, dirty fans, and too many undeleted files.

How to Prevent Laptop Overheating

23 Jul 2021
A person’s hand plugs a power cable into the PC power supply in the back of a computer.

A Guide to Testing Your PC’s Power Supply

19 Jul 2021
Old computer parts in a blue recycling bin are an example of how to dispose of old computers.

Tips on How to Dispose of Old Computers

09 Jul 2021
An internet user encrypts his laptop traffic using a VPN, which he chose after researching the differences between proxy vs. VPN.

Proxy vs. VPN: Here’s How to Tell Which One You Need

05 Jul 2021
Hands type on a MacBook keyboard, with website content displayed on the computer’s screen. An SMC reset is sometimes needed for Mac computers.

How to Perform an SMC Reset on a Mac

29 Jun 2021
A blue external hard drive plugged into a red laptop computer, with both the drive and computer on top of a red table, illustrating how to partition external hard drives.

How to Partition External Hard Drives: Here’s What You Need to Know

15 Jun 2021
A male computer gamer wears glasses and a headset, typing on a keyboard, and looking at a PC monitor that displays a strategy video game

Everything You Need to Know About How to Clean Your Gaming PC

06 Jun 2021
Person typing on a laptop computer with a digital blue keylock in front of their screen that highlights the importance of encryption

The Importance of Encryption for Your Business

03 Jun 2021
A computer system warning that it has been hacked indicates a cryptojacking attack is underway

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptojacking

31 May 2021
A man on the phone during a vishing attack gets a message on his computer that it’s been hacked.

A Guide to Vishing and How You Can Protect Yourself

25 May 2021
A red warning on a computer screen that consists of an exclamation point inside a triangle, alerting to a malware infection

Exploring the Different Types of Malware and How to Protect Yourself

17 May 2021
Hand protecting a computer webcam with an orange cover, which would be an excellent cybersecurity gift

Giving Someone Protection: 8 Can’t-Miss Cybersecurity Gifts

11 May 2021
A notification warning email displayed on a laptop computer screen to alert an end-user about a Sality malware infection

Your Complete Guide to Sality Malware

05 May 2021
A man uses a magnifying glass to peer through window blinds, illustrating the lack of online privacy.

Privacy and Search Engines – Exploring Whether DuckDuckGo Is a Safe Alternative

29 Apr 2021
One open red lock in a collection of hundreds of closed blue locks, highlighting the importance of protecting against internet tracking

How to Stop Internet Tracking: Here’s What You Need to Know

19 Apr 2021
A hacker in a black hoodie sits at a laptop amid columns of numeric code, illustrating the need to store passwords safely.

Don’t Get Hacked: Learn the Best Ways to Store Passwords and Stay Safe

05 Apr 2021
Vintage Macintosh computer that comes equipped with a hard disk drive, joystick, monitor, and keyboard

7 Smart Uses for Old Computers

02 Apr 2021
A user’s hands type on a Mac keyboard to free up space from unwanted files.

How to Free up Disk Space on Mac (2021)

26 Mar 2021
A finger presses the delete key on a computer keyboard, signifying file deletion on a solid-state drive (SSD).

An In-Depth Look at How to Delete Files on an SSD

24 Mar 2021
A computer technician repairs a computer with a pair of tweezers.

A Complete Guide to Hardware EOSL: End of Service Life

16 Mar 2021
a high view of a man using a laptop, showing software hardware eol

What Is EOL? Everything You Need to Know About Business Systems Reaching End-of-Life

10 Mar 2021
a woman’s hand performing WinSxS cleanup on a digital screen

What Is WinSxS Cleanup and Why Is It Important?

03 Mar 2021
Debug dump files icon

What Are Debug Dump Files, and How Do You Delete Them?

26 Feb 2021
Devices where people use cleanmymac alternatives

The Complete Guide to CleanMyMac X (Plus a Safer Alternative)

24 Feb 2021
person holding images of cleaning supplies

The Complete Guide to CleanMyPC (Plus What You Should Be Using Instead)

22 Feb 2021
Person computer after they completely wipe a PC

How to Completely Wipe a PC

19 Feb 2021
Person frustrated with High Memory Usage

How to Fix High Memory Usage with Windows 10

15 Feb 2021
Woman frustrated with Chromium Virus on computer

How to Remove the Chromium Virus

08 Feb 2021
Person about to delete hibernate file

How to Delete a Hibernation File

02 Feb 2021
Person using online banks safe

Are Online Banks Safe?

25 Jan 2021
Teacher using one of the Tech Tools for Teachers

8 Helpful Tech Tools for Teachers

19 Jan 2021
Guy using one of the password generators

How Safe Are Password Generators?

12 Jan 2021
image that said DDOS attack behind tech background

How to Stop a DDoS Attack

08 Jan 2021
the safest cloud storage

Your Guide to the 4 Safest Cloud Storage Solutions

04 Jan 2021
A router that's harden

7 Steps To Harden Your Home Router

28 Dec 2020
mask representing does incognito mode work

Does Incognito Mode Work (and How Private Is It)?

01 Dec 2020
Heuristic virus artwork

What is a Heuristic Virus and How Do I Remove It?

25 Nov 2020
data spill and breach

A Complete Guide to Managing Data Spills

20 Nov 2020
Keyboard close up

How to Detect a Keylogger on Your Computer

12 Nov 2020
USB sitting on top of keyboard

How to Wipe a USB Drive

09 Nov 2020
Person handing someone packages

What are Delivery Optimization Files, and Can I Delete Them?

02 Nov 2020
The word Hacked in code

How to Tell if You’ve Been Hacked

29 Oct 2020
Person setting up their new computer using Windows Setup files

Should I Delete Windows Setup Files? (8 Step Guide)

22 Oct 2020
Keyboard on top of files

The Best Way to Organize Computer Files

15 Oct 2020
Old computer sitting on wooden desk

7 Awesome Ideas for Using Your Old Computers

08 Oct 2020
old hard drive

The 2020 Guide to Getting Data Off an Old Hard Drive

01 Oct 2020
Person on computer looking up gifts for computer geeks

Buying Gifts for Computer Geeks? Heres 9 Perfect Gifts

25 Sep 2020
Outline of a skull in computer code, symbolizing how to prevent computer viruses.

7 Best Ways to Prevent Computer Viruses

22 Sep 2020
Persons desk set up with the Best Computer Accessories.

The 6 Best Computer Accessories for Home Offices

15 Sep 2020
Person confused because his computer keeps freezing

9 Things to Do When Your Computer Keeps Freezing

08 Sep 2020
A person about to Free Up RAM on a Macbook

How to Free Up RAM on a Mac

01 Sep 2020
Young woman frustrated with her slow computer, does computer storage affect computer speed concept

Does Computer Storage Affect Speed?

31 Aug 2020
Locked data on a smartphone, how to open encrypted files concept

How to Open Encrypted Files

24 Aug 2020
Hard drive disk used in a disk defrag, what does a disk defrag do concept

What Does a Disk Defrag Do?

17 Aug 2020
Spam emails coming through on your computer, how to stop spam emails concept

5 Tips for How to Stop Spam Emails

10 Aug 2020
Guy touching a digital lock, symbolizing protect your data and security concept

6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Data

03 Aug 2020
Guy about to wipe a MacBook

Quick Guide: How to Wipe a MacBook Before You Sell It

31 Jul 2020
Norton File Shredder alternative man with files

See The Top Norton Alternatives (Plus 4 Reasons to Switch)

29 Jul 2020
files to save or digitally shred concept

10 Items To Back Up Or Digitally Shred To Keep Your Data Protected

27 Jul 2020
Person using Lavasoft alternatives

Lavasoft File Shredder Alternative [+9 Reasons to Get The Shred Cube]

24 Jul 2020
file shredder similar to iobit using data security

Why File Shredders Are Important Alternatives to Services Like IObit

23 Jul 2020
wooden cubes with word passphrase. Passphrases vs passwords

Passphrases vs Passwords: Here is What you Need to Know

22 Jul 2020
digital files ccleaner file alternative

CCleaner Alternative: The Shred Cube [2021 Product Comparison]

21 Jul 2020
Red trash can icon for junk files

Junk Files: What They Are and How To Remove Them From Your Computer

15 Jul 2020
Computer security lock

5 Computer Security Tips You Can Start Using Right Now

08 Jul 2020
two temp files witch clock icons

The Complete Guide to Deleting Temporary Files on a PC

01 Jul 2020
Woman on her laptop removing personal data

How To Remove Personal Data From a Computer (PC or Mac)

26 May 2020
Security lock on keyboard, file shredder and cyber security concept

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on a Free File Shredder

26 May 2020
install cloud files icon

How to Successfully Recover Deleted Files

21 May 2020
white shred cube plugged in for data to disappear

Gone for Good: When Data Needs to Disappear

16 May 2020
Young man working remotely with software, remote work policy concept

Design a Remote Work Policy to Stop Data Breaches in 6 Steps

29 Apr 2020
Young woman working from home, remote workforce concept

Remote Workforce: What Employers Should Know

27 Apr 2020
Lock on keyboard, cybersecurity while you work from home concept

How To Work From Home Securely (10 Insider Tips)

24 Apr 2020
international vpn icon

Are VPNs Enough To Keep Remote Workers Secure?

24 Apr 2020
doctor using a tablet

Powerful Protection Against Ransomware for Healthcare Professionals

02 Apr 2020
Horizontal medium long shot unrecognizable male laboratory worker in modern protective suit holding box with biological hazards

How to Completely and Safely Dispose of Sensitive Information from Your Computer

02 Apr 2020
law firm employees reviewing case file - no ransomware attack

#1 Best Ransomware Protection for Legal Professionals

30 Mar 2020
woman deleting files with mask on

How to Permanently Delete Files From Your Computer Forever

25 Mar 2020