CCleaner Alternative: The Shred Cube [2021 Product Comparison]

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There are many benefits to using digital registry cleaning services that isolate and delete junk files from computer systems, and Ccleaner is by far the most popular. Very similar to Windows Disk Cleanup tool, Ccleaner helps to reduce the amount of unnecessary files on your computer that take up valuable space.

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One drawback to using a tool like Ccleaner is that it must be downloaded from the internet. Like most software, you can never be 100% sure that the program you are installing on your machine does not contain malware or other malicious code. For this reason, many people have considered using alternatives to Ccleaner.

In 2017 hackers we able to insert malware into Ccleaner’s underlying code and piggyback their way into unsuspecting users’ computers to steal their data. Fortunately, a simple version update to the software would resolve the issue, but by the point, irreparable damage may have already been done to your system and personal data.

Information technology experts recommend that computers be cleaned regularly to stay protected and avoid buildups of unwanted files, which is why it is essential to understand how downloading free programs like Ccleaner can sometimes make your computer more vulnerable to attacks. 

The following guide compares Ccleaner with a common file shredding alternative, The Shred Cube.

Alternative to Ccleaner: The Shred Cube

Computer slowdowns often result from accumulated unused programs and tabs that run in the background. Sometimes, you forget or don’t even know they’re there.

This leaves many people assuming that their computer’s performance and/or speed problems come from hardware issues. These programs lead to unneeded registry changes that cause your cache to grow, and, eventually, slower online response times.

CCleaner has been recognized for its ability to improve computer speed and overall lifespan. CCleaners competitive alternative, The Shred Cube is also beneficial because it can seamlessly get rid of multiple files at once, much faster than CCleaner. Although, both digital file shredders are known to give users’ computers a near instant speed boost, helping increase the devices’ lifespans as well.

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Both programs also reduce IT support costs. Corrupted registries can lead to significant cost and downtime issues that may lead to a need to do a complete reinstall. That means additional interruptions while a team of experts restores your system.

There are some key differences between CCleaner and Shred Cube, however. The former can help with repairing or deleting corrupted digital registry files, but those items are simply deleted — not shredded. CCleaner file alternative Shred Cube does the same in that it deletes unnecessary or corrupted files, but it goes a step further to shred the deleted digital items to make them unrepairable. 

Both can help you protect your system after incidents occur, too, especially when used together: Users first fix their computers using CCleaner’s restore feature, then shred unneeded files using Shred Cube.

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Differences In Data Security Approaches

In addition to creating faster speeds, CCleaner and Shred Cube can help keep your data secure and private. All companies now need comprehensive document retention and deletion policies to maintain consumers’ privacy and remain in compliance with related regulations. Both programs help ensure deleted digital files are truly gone and cannot be recovered by hackers or other bad actors. Neither option is complicated, but each has unique benefits and disadvantages. CCleaner is a program that must be installed, for example, while CCleaner file alternative Shred Cube can simply be attached to different devices without downloading. Shred Cube thus helps save space, while CCleaner has options for freeing up wasted room on your hard drive. You ideally want 10 to 20 GB of free space so processing speeds and/or RAM can function efficiently. CCleaner helps clean out junk files while Shred Cube destroys them through shredding, ensuring sensitive information is removed effectively and can’t be recovered.

Examining Processes And Hard-Drive Space

All the above impacts overall computer function and lifespan, but you should also check for unnecessary programs running while booting up. Your system could be slowing from too many automatically starting. Add that to having too many programs in too little space, and you could have a real problem with performance.

Shred Cube saves space here by not having to be installed — it’s attached to devices instead — but still enables you to shred unneeded files. Deleting unnecessary programs and shredding the remaining data frees up computer space and protects users from identity theft.

The same tactics can be used for your favorite browser: CCleaner file alternative Shred Cube can help destroy private data pieces so they can’t come back to haunt you, while CCleaner makes it easy to empty both your browser cache and cookies. Use both options to create an even more comprehensive clean up.

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The CCleaner program can meanwhile be installed on multiple devices, within a select number of licenses. Shred Cube is attached to your devices and can be shared across several, giving you greater opportunities to protect yourself, your computer, and your data. This is important in today’s technology-focused world, especially as more states and countries work to improve their efforts to emphasize data protection and the importance of individual privacy.

Being able to identify and permanently delete consumers’ digital data upon their request is becoming increasingly important. Being able to say with confidence that you know that their personal information cannot be recovered will go a long way toward building customer trust and lasting relationships.

CCleaner Vs. The Shred Cube – Key Differences

CCleaner is a strong tool that can help you or your company in its computer cleaning efforts, but the major drawback is that it is a program that must be installed — and thus must actually take up space in its quest to help you save space on your systems. Shred Cube, on the other hand, doesn’t require installation, which saves you valuable room and may make it a better overall option.

When there is no need to install software on your computer, and you can instead attach it to and use it on as many devices as necessary, you are able to save yourself the headache of wasted hard drive space. CCleaner file alternative Shred Cube’s shredding methodology also means you save yourself the drama of having digital files stolen because they were not properly removed. Simple deletion can be undone, but shredding eradicates digital files forever.

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