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Finally, Secure Data Destruction.

Avoid The Risk of Downloading Online File Shredding Software.

Avoid the risk of cyber attacks from online file shredding softwares. Shred with The Shred Cube.

Avoid Malware

When you download online software to delete files, you expose your computer to Malware, which comes in a variety of forms such as viruses, worms, etc.

Avoid Phishing

Some online file shredders send you an email, which looks innocent - then when you click email attachments or hyperlinks imbedded in emails, unauthorized access to sensitive information is obtained.

Avoid Ransomware

Using online file deletion software can end up in seizure of critical systems and data by encrypting or otherwise disabling them from access. Get The Shred Cube & avoid the risk of ransomware when deleting files, forever.

Avoid Trojans

This type of malware in place of forcing access, disguises itself as a non-harmful attachment, link or software to the user. It leaves the user tricked into installing malicious malware.

Note: Read more about the true cost of data breaches in these articles from the Digital Guardian, CNBC, and Fundera.

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Delete Personal Documents

We have all been there. We have our long trusted home computer that is so full of files and data that we become overwhelmed on how to get rid of it all.

Delete Legal Documents

Now there is a fast, secure and reliable way to permanently delete client files that guarantees they are not recoverable and not vulnerable to data breaches.

Delete Healthcare Documents

What happens with digital patient files after the federally mandated 7 year holding period? The healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable to being hurt by data breaches – don’t be a part of the statistic.

Get Everyone's Favorite Hand-Held File Shredding Solution Today

It's essential now more than ever to protect your information and data. Don't Wait Any Longer.

Cyber attacks are real and happen every single day. Antivirus softwares and firewalls are the first line of defense but can’t help once breached. Part of a well-rounded digital security plan is regularly cleaning data with sensitive information that you no longer need. 

Delete Corporate Documents

The business and corporate sectors are competitive enough without the added worry of disposing of digital data. Can your organization really afford not to dispose of old files?

Delete Financial Documents

62% of data breaches in the United States in 2019 came from the financial sector. The average total cost of data breaches in the financial sector is around $5.86 million and is second only to the healthcare sector.

Delete Industrial Documents

With constant temporary work sites and locations constantly being moved, construction and other industrial sectors are left vulnerable to theft and other crimes.

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