Permanently Delete Mac Files From Your Hard Drive

There's now a fast, secure and reliable way to delete files from your Mac Computer

Is it possible to permanently erase your Mac’s digital files? Absolutely!

As a Mac user, you can always safely delete your digital files by holding down the option key and clicking the “Empty Trash” button. However, when you delete files from your Mac, they are not actually erased. Instead, your Mac marks those storage spaces as empty and overwrites new data onto them. As long as your Mac has not overwritten those spaces, you can always recover your deleted data. But your aim is to erase your digital files beyond recovery.

Reasons You'd Need to permanently erase your Mac’s files:

Shred cube safely and permanently erases your unused or unwanted files, log files, user cache files, and other digital files. So, to say the least, it’s a crucial tool that keeps your iMac, Macbook, or any other Apple computer in tip-top shape and boosts their performance.

Now, here are some take-away tips to help guide you in using the Shred Cube to permanently destroy unwanted digital files from your Mac.

How The Shred Cube Erases Your Mac Files

Deleting files from Mac using the Shred Cube is incredibly simple. 

All you have to do is plug the Shred Cube into your Mac, drag, and drop, or attach the files or folders you want to erase to the application dialogue that appears. Click “Confirm” to start the erasing process. Remember that Shred Cube will erase your files beyond recovery once you hit the “Confirm” button. You can leave Shred Cube plugged for continuous us or unplug and plug it back whenever you need it.

Regardless of your profession, it’s important that you have complete control over your Mac laptop and its files. If you’re interested in securely deleting unwanted files from your Mac, order the Shred Cube today. 

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