Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions About The Shred Cube?

Question 1

How do I use Shred Cube?


Plug the cube into your computer and drag and drop or attach all files and folders necessary into the application that opens on your computer. Click to confirm that you want to shred the file(s) selected. Keep in mind that no recovery will be possible once you've hit confirm. Minimize and leave Shred Cube plugged in for drag-and-drop use, or disconnect the cube by simply unplugging it. For more details, please refer to our Quick Start Guide. 

Question 2

Will I have to buy a new one when features are added?


No. The Shred Cube can be updated using our secure online update which will prompt when the Shred Cube is plugged in. 

Question 3

How Long does it take to shred a given file?


Because the Shred Cube actually shreds any unwanted file—including all related data to that file—it depends entirely on the file size and quantity of files selected for shredding.

Question 4

How Big is the Shred Cube?


The Shred Cube fits in the palm of your hand!

Question 5

how fast is shipping?


Standard shipping 5-7 business days. Expedited shipping available.

Question 6

how durable is The Shred Cube?


It is designed to withstand normal everyday use. 
shred cube packaging illustration

Privacy Matters.

Properly Destroy Files & Their Related Data From Your Computer

Question 7

how many times can I use it?


As many times as you would like. Leave the device plugged in for continued use, or attach to the computer only when needed.

Question 8

Why use this instead of a program?


Programs installed on a computer keep log files on any given action completed, potentially compromising the security of any “secure” deletion task. The very best IT professionals and hackers use an external device to control a computer without any trace of action. Shred Cube mimics this and gives you the flexibility to use this on any device you wish.

Question 9

Will this download something on my computer?


No. Your computer may run a compatibility check and ask for permissions to allow the device to run, but it will not install any sort of software or program onto your computer.

Question 10

Who is Shred Cube for?


Shred Cube is designed for anyone that uses a computer and would like to erase their files: doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, IT professionals, construction professionals, counselors, police, health care professionals, tax preparers, financial advisors, engineers, HR Professionals, and many more.

Question 11

Will I have to reformat my hard drive?


No. Shred Cube will not disturb any functionality of your hard drive. You can reformat your hard drive if you would like but its not necessary and will not change how your hard drive functions.

Question 12

Does the Shred Cube free up space on my computer?


Yes, it can. By overwriting the coding on your hard drive back to blank, you could run a defragment on your computer and free lots of space and make your system work faster and better.

Question 13

Can the metal chip be damaged easily?


No, not easily. The USB is made out of the same chip material that is contained in chip reader credit and debit cards so its durable. No need to worry about putting it in your bag or briefcase, it will be fine.

Question 14

Can I use the cube on my mobile phone?


Almost! We are currently working on a version 2 of Shred Cube that will be able to shred files on mobile devices and tablets. Don't worry though, when version 2 is ready, you will be able to update your current cube using the online update feature.

Question 15

Can I use the cube with cloud services?


We are currently working on a version 2 of Shred Cube with the goal to allow the user to also permanently delete digital files from major cloud services. Don't worry though, once available, you will be able to update your current cube using the online update feature.