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Why File Shredders Are Important Alternatives to Services Like IObit

Anti-malware services provider IObit provides innovative software for system utilities. Its offerings are designed to improve computer performance and security by removing adware, malware, ransomware, and other threats to keep it safe from bad actors. The company’s software is relatively popular, too, having been downloaded more than 250 million times, won over 100 awards, and offered in 40-plus languages and 220 countries.

IObit isn’t the only protective option out there, though, and certainly not the only type of protective service. Many others, like file shredders, are just as effective at or have additional properties that boost your computer’s functionality and security. One of those solutions is digital file shredder Shred Cube, a USB-based product that helps to permanently delete digital files and prevent them from being recovered.

Knowing the pros and cons of various products is important, but to do that one must first understand the benefits of file shredders. Here’s a quick guide to two common products, as well as an overview of why they’re so crucial to computer performance and safety.

Benefits Of Digital File Shredders

Everyone wants their data to be protected, floating around in cyberspace, but that’s exactly what happens when you use the cloud. Files are not gone even if you delete them, as they can still be recovered. All it takes is a cybercriminal with the right skill set and a willingness to steal your identity and other information, and those details you thought were stored in a private, secure cloud are suddenly someone else’s property.

Privacy — including data privacy — is significant and depends on and impacts ethics and trust. This is where file shredders come in. They can be used for your protection to keep private information secure by shredding digital files the way physical shredders destroy paper documents. It becomes impossible to put the pieces back together.

This is important for more than personal documents and data, however. Having an effective file shredder can help your company meet compliance requirements. Organizations that don’t adequately protect data face fines, and risk damaging or losing important business relationships with customers and other businesses.

Data protection involves implementing security that appropriately allows for the storage and disposal of sensitive information. File shredding programs that can properly and completely eradicate the information companies store on customers and partners can go a long way in helping to prevent harmful breaches. Bad actors that find ways onto their servers will thus have less information to sift through and steal, making their hacks less impactful.

Organizations that implement these procedures thereby reduce the number of security incidents, which helps them maintain customers’ and partners’ trust.

Ethics Of File Shredding

Appropriate file shredding can help prevent both breaches that hurt companies as well as those that hurt individuals. Collecting and using personal data requires attention to security, and that extends to sharing and disposal of it.Strong security — including file shredding for personal and/or sensitive data — can thus help you maintain or even improve your brand value. Breaches undeniably lead to damage to affected companies’ reputations, partly because of the explicit promises to consumers that data will be protected, but solid data security practices can go a long way toward protecting the organizations as well as their customers and partners.File shredding, especially for sensitive data, is essential in ethical company behavior. Such policies are beneficial because they indicate to both employees and consumers that confidential information will be handled responsibly and without causing harm. They also lead to maintaining trust, because most individuals affected by data breaches will lose trust in the company — and that faith often cannot be restored.The public is becoming increasingly aware of privacy issues and more involved in safeguarding their privacy. Younger generations are now learning about privacy and related issues in school, which leads to greater expectations for companies that obtain their personal data. They want to know these companies are protecting it while they have it and disposing of it appropriately. Using appropriate file shredders to protect these individuals is therefore key for your operations.

IObIT Alternative: The Shred Cube

Files that have simply been thrown in the trashcan on your computer can still be recovered, which means throwing files away is not the same as permanently destroying them. Malware, adware, and other nefarious programs can still access them and retrieve important personal data from deleted files, meaning even programs like industry leader IObit can’t completely protect your system from every possible threat. The next bad program will pick up where the others left off.

Here’s the key point: Though you delete files from your computer, they’re not really gone. As a result, you are at risk of identity theft and other data-related problems. Simple deletion isn’t enough to keep you and your data safe from hackers.

This is where a file shredder comes in handy.
Shred Cube’s offerings help get rid of unwanted files completely by shredding them into countless tiny digital pieces that are nearly impossible to reassemble. If you’ve got files with sensitive information, this is an especially strong benefit: A shredded digital item cannot be recovered, which means those bad actors hoping to use that file to acquire important personal information for their own gain will be out of luck.

The Ongoing Importance Of Security

The risks of data theft are going to become greater as more people use the cloud and smart technology. The rates of identity theft and cybercrime are already increasing, meaning there will be a growing need to protect personally identifiable and sensitive data as time goes on.

All industries — from healthcare with its patient health records to firms in logistics that keep clients’ personal and company information on file — would benefit from file shredding services like that offered by Shred Cube. Such tools will prove key to businesses’ success in the modern digital world as well as the protection of your own personal data.

After all, shredding digital files when disposing of them helps make sure your information — as well as that of your partners and customers — cannot be recovered and used for inappropriate reasons.

For more information on how Shred Cube can help you keep your personal or company data safe, contact us today.

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