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See The Top Norton Alternatives (Plus 4 Reasons to Switch)

Everyone benefits from shredding their unwanted digital documents and files, whether as individuals or companies. The law requires that the latter destroy and protect some information — especially in the healthcare sector — but simple deletion does not mean the information is gone forever. Users must use a file shredder like Norton File Shredder or Norton File Shredder alternative Shred Cube to remove their files for good.

There are a lot of perks to permanently deleting digital files, including that doing so protects individuals from identity theft and businesses from intellectual property theft. File shredding programs have the same effect as physical paper shredders, making the data stored on your hard drive unreadable and unrepairable and thus keeping it safe from use by nefarious actors.

Multiple software solutions exist to help you truly remove files from desktop computers, laptops, and other devices, but some such software can also introduce risks. Here’s more information about the Norton File Shredder, the risks involved in using it to on unwanted computer files, and why Norton File Shredder alternative Shred Cube is a more secure option.

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How Does Norton File Shredder Work, And Why Do People Use It?

The Norton File Shredder program is part of the Norton Utilities software advertised to get your computer running, not a standalone digital file shredding program. It allows you to permanently remove unwanted files such as documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, photos, music, and videos, and shreds digital files by overwriting them with data that makes them unusable and difficult — if not impossible — to recover in the future.

Individuals typically have loads of digital files on their computers, laptops, and other devices from work, owning a business, school, or some combination of such factors. Client and customer data, medical records, financial documents, trade secrets, and intellectual property are just a handful of those you might find on a computer or network.

These files must be destroyed when they are no longer needed, and many assume deleting the information and emptying their desktop recycling bins will do the trick. Unfortunately, this is not how digital deletion works.

Emptying the recycle bin on your desktop results in an empty container that appears to show you the file(s) has been deleted. Many do not know that your computer retains the data, even if it shows you have free space. A closer look shows the data is still on your computer’s hard drive in the exact location.

File shredding software like Norton’s File Shredder allows users to delete both the files and the hidden copies that last on their hard drives by writing over the data. Norton is a common name in security, and its products often come as free trials with new machines with Windows operating systems. The problem is that using Norton’s program to delete files still opens users up to the risk of exposure of their sensitive data, which means they may want to consider a more secure Norton File Shredder alternative.

How The Norton File Shredder Makes Users’ Information Vulnerable

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One issue found in using file shredding software like Norton Utilities is the assumption that the software has been downloaded directly from the developer’s site onto a new computer. In the worst-case scenario, file shredding software solutions sometimes have loopholes or back doors allowing bad actors to gather information to use for unlawful purposes.

Norton has a decent reputation, but its file shredder is not a standalone offering. That means it’s highly possible that it is collecting massive amounts of data from your computer as it writes over your files. Such vulnerabilities can lead to cyberattacks, viruses, malware, ransomware, and other issues related to data theft or breaches.

Identity theft or customer data breaches can lead to millions in lost revenue, depending on the situation and scope of the breach. Regardless of brand, software solutions are simply not the best way to permanently delete sensitive digital financial, business-related or personal, and customer or patient data. You need Shred Cube, a safe Norton File Shredder alternative, to do the trick.

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Shred Cube: A Safe Norton File Shredder Alternative

Digital file shredding software like Norton’s keep user logs that record each action taken with their software.

This alone makes your information vulnerable, but your network might also suffer. Computer experts — both those protecting your systems and working to break into them — know how to permanently erase digital files without leaving a trace by using options like Shred Cube.

The reason Norton File Shredder alternative Shred Cube is so effective is that it doesn’t require downloading. The USB-based option is instead plugged into your digital devices, and the associated software runs while you chose the files you want to permanently remove. Shred Cube allows users to drag and drop or attach single or multiple files for shredding, then scans to locate and scrub all visible and invisible copies of those items.

It offers the following features, among others:

  • Shred Cube reduces the risk of cyber attacks, malware, ransomware, and other attacks because it does not need to be downloaded.
  • The USB-based product securely updates each time you plug it into a digital device, meaning you do not need to buy new versions of it when updates are released.
  • The lack of required physical download frees up space on your device so your computer runs more smoothly.
  • Shred Cube deletes your unwanted files and makes sure no one can recover them in the future, keeping your information — as well as that of your customers, clients, and business partners — safe.

Learn More About The Benefits Of Norton File Shredder Alternative Shred Cube

Security is becoming increasingly important, and you should be able to delete unwanted files without worrying that sensitive data is still on your computer or if you’ve been exposed to a virus, malware, or ransomware from the solutions you use to keep your information safe.

Norton File Shredder alternative Shred Cube is the only digital file shredding option that provides users with complete, safe elimination of old and unwanted files, ultimately protecting personal or business information. Contact us today to learn more about how you and/or your business can benefit from Shred Cube.