The Only USB Device for Sensitive Data Destruction You'll Ever Need

The Shred Cube

The Simple USB File Shredder

The Shred Cube allows you to:

  • Shred files to protect personal privacy
  • Delete old employee files with sensitive information.
  • Destroy digital patient files after the federally mandated 7 year holding period.
  • Permanently delete unwanted documents or files either individually or many at the same time.
  • Erase material from your computer with the guarantee that it will never be recovered (great before selling a computer!).
  • + so much more!

The Shred Cube actually scrubs any unwanted files—including all related data to those files—and shreds them. Even more secure than a paper shredder, there is NO TRACE left of the file and no software download required.


(490 customer reviews)

Now you can erase material from your computer with the guarantee that it will never be recovered. The Shred Cube allows you to permanently delete unwanted documents or files either individually or many at the same time. Even better, the Shred Cube includes a scan feature to find all copies of the designated files to permanently delete every copy from all locations on your computer.

The Shred Cube actually scrubs any unwanted files—including all related data to those files—and shreds them. Even more secure than a paper shredder, there is NO TRACE left of the file and no software download required.

Weight 2.3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

490 reviews for The Shred Cube

Based on 490 reviews
  1. Chris Kirksey (verified owner)

    The shred cube is awesome – considering I can plug it into any computer and begin to permanently delete/erase any file types is very convenient for keeping my computer running optimally instead of the hard drive getting overloaded with “deleted” items. Plus, the team at Shred Cube is very supportive in answering any and all questions. 5 stars across the board.

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  2. Ian Dawson (verified owner)

    The Shred Cube solved this problem I have, where I have tons of files in all types of folders all over my computer that are the same file with different names and what not (basically, a file organization problem). This has literally de-cluttered my life to such an extent that it’s crazy – coolest little tech thing I’ve ever used. Here’s exactly how I use it on almost a daily basis:
    Step 1: Plugin the Shred Cube.
    Step 2: Plugin an external hard drive.
    Step 3: Move the files you want to keep from the computer to the external hard drive.
    Step 4: Use the shred cube to find every copy of any file and permanently “Shred” it from your computer (this is cool because unlike just tossing docs and files in the trash can then emptying the trash can, this thing wipes it completely from your drive – also helping keep your computer alive longer)
    Step 5: Once all copies of any file/folder/whatever are “shredded” – move just the one file back from the hard drive to the computer.
    Step 6: No more duplicate files on duplicate files all over the computer!

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    Image #1 from Ian Dawson
    Image #2 from Ian Dawson
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