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How to Completely and Safely Dispose of Sensitive Information from Your Computer

In the days before the Digital Age, file destruction was as simple as feeding files into the paper shredder. Since the dawn of Big Data, however, confidential, personal, and sensitive information is no longer stored in a plain manila folder and sitting in a massive, gun-metal-grey file cabinet, waiting to be shredded.

Electronic files need to be destroyed in a much more sophisticated and comprehensive manner. Simply dragging folders into the trash icon on your desktop doesn’t cut it either. That action just removes the file from the desktop. Even after the trash bin is emptied, the hard drive still has the information, unless… you take a higher-tech approach, such as an electronic document shredder.

Downloads Risk Exposure to Cyberthreats

Many people turn to the internet when looking to destroy their unwanted data. However, this is flawed with vulnerability, especially when executed via wi-fi, cellular, or other potentially insecure connections.

In today’s online, on-demand world, it’s wonderfully convenient to perform a simple Google search as a way of finding and downloading a data removal program. It provides a sense of immediate satisfaction and often comes at a friendly price point. Like so many other things in life, however, you get what you pay for. In this case, you could get a negative return on investment (ROI), because quite often these programs provide security loopholes. These loopholes can subject your computer to a host of cyber criminals waiting to steal confidential information from unsuspecting users.

Personal users take a chance every time they download something from the internet, but businesses encounter much bigger risks when doing so. In this situation, the negative ROI goes far beyond the individual budget of an at-home user. The cost of cyberattacks in the healthcare, legal, financial, and commercial industries can be debilitating. Before you download a data removal program for your computer, ask yourself, “Can my business withstand the potential cost and destruction of a cyberattack?”

Use Shred Cube for Safe Removal of sensitive information

If online data destruction is so risky, where do individuals and businesses turn for this necessary task to free up space and remove potentially sensitive information?  

A smarter and safer option is available in a simple device—about the size of an iPhone charging block—that plugs into the USB port of your computer. It’s perfect for individuals and businesses alike.

Shred Cube is a small plug-in device that scrubs all unwanted data and its associated files from your computer permanently. Data can be removed individually or in large batches—it all depends on your selection. The Shred Cube also includes a scan feature that looks for duplicate files in alternative locations all over your computer including any externally connected devices. When this electronic magician finishes its disappearing data performance on your computer, it leaves no trace of the unwanted data on your hard drive or anywhere else. It’s almost as if the data never existed in the first place.

Take a look at how some of the largest industries in the country are using Shred Cube to effectively remove confidential, unwanted, and sensitive information from their systems.


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Electronic medical records (EMR) have been a huge part of healthcare reform for decades now. This evolution of the industry has spurred innovation and makes vital patient information more easily accessible. However, it’s also added a layer of vulnerability. The number of data breaches in healthcare has been rising for years. In 2019 alone, over 25 million patient files were obtained through cybercrime. 

After a federally mandated seven-year holding period, patient files need to be destroyed in an effort to ensure their privacy. The Shred Cube allows hospitals, practices, and individual medical providers to scrub the data without exposing their patients to any undesirable system intrusion. Shred Cube also contains a unique, built-in authentication process to ensure maximum security when it’s plugged into your computer.


Shred Cube was invented with the legal profession in mind. One of its founders, Nancie Williams, spotted the exponentially increasing need for secure data removal as a young lawyer back in 2005. At the time, there was an abundance of data piling up for attorneys and professionals from other industries that simply could not be sustained. It had to go somewhere. 

Professionals practicing in all areas of law—tax, real estate, government, personal injury, and others—are all entrusted with protecting client confidentiality. Years after a client’s case has been closed, their private data will need to be destroyed. The longer it remains available, the longer it remains vulnerable. Shred Cube allows attorneys in all types of law to simply plug in the device and erase unwanted data and files containing sensitive information for any client.


There is perhaps no other industry that assumes as much risk involved with data breach as the financial sector. After all, this is where the money is. If it’s a payday a hacker is after, financial services is their one-stop-shop. It’s absolutely critical for all financial services professionals to take extra precautions in protecting valuable data. When client information is no longer needed, the data must be scrubbed to ensure maximum security. 

Realizing that downloading software to remove data is risky, many financial institutions have resorted to either destroying hard drives altogether (a costly option to say the least) or have elected to hold on to the data for longer than ideally necessary, which incurs a risk of its own from a sheer availability standpoint. Shred Cube is the solution for the financial industry to lean on when it comes to scrubbing valuable data.

For financial professionals seeking the most advanced security measures in data scrubbing, customized Shred Cubes can be ordered that leverage the increased protection of security keys and other state-of-the-art protocols to protect systems.


Today’s global marketplace is a fast-paced, ultra-competitive environment where only the strongest survive… or perhaps only the most secure survive. Businesses are now forced to compete with local, regional, national, and even international companies. In such an aggressive business landscape, can business owners really afford a data breach?

One costly hack could be all it takes to fall behind and potentially never catch up in today’s business world, so don’t risk online exposure. Instead, plug in the Shred Cube and remove client information in the most secure and effective manner possible. 

Learn More About Shred Cube

Don’t leave your data removal needs to chance via risky internet downloads. Contact us today to find out everything you need to know about the revolutionary, safe, and effective Shred Cube to erase the unwanted files and sensitive information from your computer.

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