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The Ultimate Tech Lovers Gift Guide

With another holiday season upon us, chances are, you’re one of those tech gadget lovers like the other 87% of customers who will be doing their holiday shopping online this year. Crowds, stores- yeah right, I work from home.

Give your fellow techies a cool futuristic gift that will transform the way they cyborg.

From permanent file deletion systems to workout innovations, we’ve put together a list of our 33 favorite tech gift ideas for both yourself and your loved ones. 

And With just a couple clicks, these gifts could be on the way from Santa Clause.

Lets ShredCube through this article to our Top Pick This Holiday Season and Start from the bottom-up.

33. Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer, $63.95

We have all seen this picture, we have all lusted after it, and we all sit at our desks too long. This is a great gift. The Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer is the perfect gift for loved ones who suffer from chronic back pain or who sit in front of a computer all day.

Attach the Upright GO 2 to your back, and it will monitor your posture throughout the day. If you’re not sitting up or standing straight, the device will send a gentle vibration to remind you to fix your posture.

The lightweight and strapless device is paired with the Upright GO app to track your progress and send you reminders.

32. Grouphug Window Solar Charger, $149

Use the power of the sun to your advantage with the Grouphug Window Solar Charger.

This eco-friendly gift is easily installed by hanging it in your favorite window. After a few hours, it will be able to charge all of your devices, ranging from your iPhone to your portable speaker.

The company has even committed to a sustainable future by promising customers to repair solar panels should a problem arise.

31. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, $399

Avid gym goers know what it’s like to use multiple sets of dumbbells throughout their workouts. 

With the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, workouts can happen at home. The adjustable dumbbells take up the space of just one pair of large dumbbells.

However, they feature adjustable dials that allow the user to change the resistance from five pounds to 52.5 pounds. When all is said and done, they replace the equivalent of 15 sets of weights.

30. SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor for Laptops, $299.99

One computer screen is sometimes not enough for complex tasks. And this monitor is two hot to handle (pun intended).

The SideTrax Portable Monitor for Laptops is a 12.5 portable monitor screen that turns your laptop into a two-screen monitor. Weighing in at less than two pounds, it’s easy to carry in your bag.

For a more customized experience, the monitor extends, mirrors, and rotates.

29. Black Series Digital Coin Counting Jar, $49.30

If you’re man is too lazy to get a Sun Pass he is obviously not a techie, but he will have loose change lying around! Do you have spare change appearing everywhere from your car to your home? Make every penny count with the Black Series Digital Coin Counting Jar zedis lapedis- get digital!

Every time a coin enters the jar’s slot, the jar records it. Pretty soon, all of that spare change will add up. In just a few months, the jar will pay for itself.

28. Form Smart Swim Goggles, $99 + membership

I know what you’re thinking, “it’s winter, and I feel like a cat- put me in the water and I’ll scratch you.” Okay we get it, The Form Smart Swim Goggles are a perfect gift for a loved one who enjoys spending time being a year round mermaid.

The goggles can be used for specific workouts, and did we mention they have insane visual quality? Users will pick an exercise and upload it to the Form goggles.

Once they dive in the water, the goggles will act as a workout instructor, telling them what to do and when to take rests. They’re perfect for swimmers of all ages and skill levels, adjusting the workout accordingly.

27. Revolution InstaGLO R270 Toaster, $349.95

Never again will your loved ones experience burnt toast or an undercooked bagel, thanks to the Revolution InstaGLO R270 Toaster

The toaster features a screen with dozens of cooking options. For example, after placing their bread in the toaster, the user can select the type of bread and the desired toasting level.

Even frozen or leftover bread will taste amazing- the toaster adjusts for those settings as well.

26. Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro Vacuum Cleaner, $899

Keep your house cleaner than ever with the hands-free Ecovacs Deebot N8 PRO.

The vacuum cleaner is easy to set up. Once in action, it will accurately map your house and pick up any dust and dirt spots.

The N8 PRO doesn’t have to be monitored or reset – all it needs is for you to empty its internal bin when it gets full.

25. Currentbody LED Light Therapy Mask, $39

 The Currentbody LED Light Therapy Mask is perfect for the beauty guru on your list who loves to experiment with the latest developments in the beauty industry.

Loved by celebrities everywhere, the mask uses light technology to refresh and revitalize the skin, showing results in as little as 4 weeks.

The light uses infrared technology and red therapy to make skin firmer, smooth skin texture, and even reduce wrinkles.

24. Oliver Bonas Electric Aroma Diffuser, $66

Keep your house smelling fresh with the Oliver Bonas Electric Aroma Diffuser.

The ridged design adds a touch of elegance to any household while filling the space with essential oils of your choice.

Your space will feel soothing 24/7, as the diffuser is timed to work in 30-minute increments. If you want the scent to be released for longer, its settings can be adjusted to diffuse for up to three hours. 

23. Cowboy 4 Electric Bike, $2,490

Commuting will become much more enjoyable with the Cowboy 4 electric bike. In an elegant, all-black design, the electric bike aids the rider by providing another source of power.

It provides easy-to-use ride assistance features along with a removable battery. Keep your smartphone in view during your ride with its cockpit station.

22. Not-Another-Bill Leather Wireless Charger, £70

While wireless charging is convenient, it’s not always pleasing to the eye. The Not-Another-Bill wireless charger gives your charging system a serious upgrade.

The leather-covered charger fits any style or home decor, coming in three colors. It’s the perfect match for someone who swears by a leather phone case.

It can also become a great personalized gift option by customizing it with your recipient’s initials. 

21. Ekster Smart Wallet, $89

The Ekster Smart Wallet provides a secure solution for the security-conscious gift recipients on your list.

Even with a wallet, credit cards can be skimmed for information. The Ekster Smart Wallet uses aluminum in its cardholder to protect the credit cards inside to protect information from being stolen.

The wallet comes in six neutral colors, giving you some freedom to personalize it to your recipient.

The wallet even has space for a tracker card, so it can always be found.

20. Photostick Omni File Saver, $74.99

If you’d rather back up your files than delete them, the Photostick Omni File Saver is a great gift. The device is plugged into your device, where it will store all of your files after just one click.

The Photostick Omni can be plugged into any device, including all Windows computers, Mac computers, and all smartphones.

You can also store over 100 different file types, including voice memos and documents. All in all, you’ll save hours of time from organizing and saving your files.

19. Starscope Monocular, $95.98

See objects from miles away as if they’re right next to you with the Starscope Monocular. The device uses modern computer design and CCD fabrication to equal or exceed the zoom quality of many popular monoculars on the market.

Once you’ve found your target, the Starscope comes with a set that allows you to connect it to your smartphone. You’ll be able to capture images with the clarity of a high-tech camera.

The Starscope is lightweight and compact, easy to carry on both camping trips and walks around the neighborhood.

18. EcoTune Fuel-Saving Technology, $195

Your loved ones who commune constantly will appreciate the EcoTune Fuel-Saver chip. It is a compact device that optimizes and lowers your vehicles’ use of fuel.

Over time, it will reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption by 35%. To work, all it requires is to be plugged into your car’s OBD2 port.

This port is typically found under the dashboard and beneath the steering wheel column, and all cars built after 2001 will have this port.

After you plug it in, EcoTune will start to work. It doesn’t require maintenance or updates. Within a few months, the product will pay for itself.

17. Kailo Nano tech Pain Reliever, $119

Kailo uses non-invasive nanotech technology to relieve any area of your body from pain in just seconds. 

Each Kailo patch has billions of small nano capacitors embedded within it. These nano capacitors act like a bio-antenna to interact with your body’s electrical system.

It communicates to your brain that the pain signals in that area should be turned down, thus reducing the pain.

The patch comes with a substrate third layer to protect it from attracting dust and keep it on your body with a water-tight seal. The patch is designed to last for years.

16. Bril Toothbrush Purifier, $29.99

Give your teeth the cleanest brush possible with the Bril Toothbrush Purifier

The device has been proven to kill 99.9% of the millions of germs found in the bathroom. It destroys all of these germs’ DNA with a safe UV light.

The device works on any toothbrush and is easy to use. Place your toothbrush in Bril, and it will sterilize it over the course of the day or night. It also comes n a variety of colors, making it a good gift for multiple family members.

15. Muama Enence Language Translator, $178

The Muama Enence Language Translator allows you to connect to people from all different backgrounds and locations. It’s great for your loved one who loves to travel or who works in a job that requires global communication.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the device offers two-way translations of over 36 languages, including ones like Finnish, Hebrew, and Telugu.

14. KoreScale Gen2, $99.99

Learn more about your body with the KoreScale. The scale works with an app, tracking your body with 4 sensors. Within seconds, the app will tell you 14 key metrics that break down your body’s composition.

It will tell you your protein levels, fats, and water compositions. Metrics like your muscle mass and BMI will tell you how effective your workouts are.

You can even learn your metabolic age, which will give you insight into how quickly your body is aging.

13. AirPhysio, $99.97

Strengthen your lungs and improve your breathing with the AirPhysio device.

The patented, FDA class-two medial device works by creating positive pressure in your lungs. This loosens mucus from your airways and causes you to cough it out naturally.

In just a few minutes, your breathing will be better. Suitable for daily use, the AirPhysio is a great gift for any loved ones, whether it’s a relative with respiratory problems or an athlete who wants faster recovery times.

12. Sleep Connection Anti-Snore Wristband, $119.98

If your loved one complains of poor nights of sleep, the Sleep Connection Anti-Snore Wristband could help rejuvenate them.

The wristband uses biosensors while you sleep to detect your snoring and body position. It will send natural electric pulses that make you change your body position in your sleep, stopping you from snoring.

Better body positions will give you both better airflow and a better night of sleep!

11. Ion Pure Air Purifier, $111.98

Your loved ones will breathe easier with cleaner air with the Ion Pure gift.

Plug Ion Pure into a wall outlet, and its blue light will turn on. It will generate negative ions which attract positively-charged pollutants like toxins, smoke, and bacteria. In 30 minutes, it filters 99.7% of invisible 0.1-micron particles.

The Plug Ion also works great for attracting allergens like dust and pollen.

It will even make your home smell nicer, attracting negative odors and leaving you with a fresh room.

10. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle, $94.95

Drinking water becomes high-tech with LARQ’s PureVis water bottle. Its sleek design that comes in 12 colors already makes it a great choice, but its self-cleaning technology makes it a unique one.

The water bottle has an onboard UV-C light that sanitizes both the water bottle’s interior and the water inside, ridding both of bacteria.

It does so without the use of toxins or chemicals, keeping you safe. And the process only takes a minute to complete.

9. Symfonisk Picture Frame Wi-Fi Speaker, $199

The Symfonisk speaker will give your recipient’s home a new way of listening to their favorite music without changing the appearance of their home.

The speaker is embedded under a work of art, which is then displayed on the wall. If your gift recipient has their favorite piece displayed front and center, the speaker can be tucked behind without compromising its visual appeal.

You can also order other covers to switch out your art selection should your style change.

8. Eero Router, $79

Give your family members steady, reliable Wi-Fi with the Eero router.

The upgrade to the router will keep every inch of your home connected, including your backyard. Yup you can now grill while listening to your favorite how to grill Youtube video. It uses a Wi-Fi “mesh” system to cover all of the surrounding space.

If you do have trouble with your Wi-Fi, it offers a user-friendly app to troubleshoot. Or, you can reach out to an Eero team member and get a human voice on the line in an average of just one minute.

7. Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame, $129.99

With the Dragon Touch Digital picture frame, memories can be displayed as long as you want them to.

The sleek digital frame itself is a great addition to any home, but it features Wifi capabilities that allow pictures to be changed.

Anyone in the family can send photos to the frame. As soon as the frame receives the photo, it will update it and display the current one until changed again.

What could be better than an embarrassing childhood photo war after Christmas Dinner?

Uh, we could name a few things…

6. YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat, $399

The YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat is the perfect gift for tech lovers who love to practice yoga.

The mat comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities to track your practice. It comes with personal workout plans and real-time feedback from virtual yoga instructors to refine your poses and become more skilled.

It also tracks your upper body alignment, flexibility, and strength. You’ll be able to keep track of your daily progress and see how much you’ve grown over time.

5. Mirror Workout System, $1495

Another great workout-based gift is the Mirror system.

Hang up the Mirror on your wall, and it will appear as an ordinary mirror. Turn it on and discover thousands of workout options. Attend workout classes in real-time or on your own schedule.

During a workout, the mirror will track vital stats like your heart rate so you can monitor your progress.

The basic Mirror system starts at $1495 but can be upgraded for those who want a more intense workout.

4. The Remarkable 2 Tablet, $399

The Remarkable 2 Tablet combines the traditional feeling of paper with the future of technology.

In addition to the functions of a regular tablet, Remarkable gives you note-taking options that mimic the tactile experience of writing on a pad and paper. However, erasing and altering these notes becomes much easier on a digital service.

When you’re done recording your thoughts, your notes can save directly into PDFs. Everything you write will also be organized and accessible across all of your devices. Are these gadgets cool or what?

3. Furbo’s Dog Camera

Puppy-owners on your gift list will be excited to receive Furbo’s Dog Camera system. The camera is small enough to put in an indiscreet location, but gives you a live stream video of your dog.

Your loved ones can keep in touch with their pets in real-time with the dog camera, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night. The camera even provides alerts in case something should happen to your furry friend.

The system also lets you release treats to your dog remotely with the click of a button.

2. Moxie Shower Head, $357.95

We didn’t know that listening to music in the shower without putting your expensive smartphone or portable speaker close to the water was possible until we met the Moxie.

The Moxie Shower Head uses Bluetooth technology to allow listeners to jam out to their favorite music or catch up on a podcast from the comfort of a steaming hot shower.

The showerhead can be attached to your existing shower hardware with ease, but it doesn’t have to be used solely in the shower. The speaker can be brought anywhere in the house, making it a versatile gift.

And although the speaker is on the more expensive side, it’s one sale – just in time for the holidays.

1. ShredCube, $80

mouse next to shred cube

It’s like it was never even there.

It’s the Ghost of Christmas Past! Wait, no it’s not. That’s our favorite gift this year- the ShredCube. It Permanently Deletes the past forever, instead of sending you through portals of the past!

The small cube plugs into your computer’s USB port to organize and delete your files without a trace. It’s easy to use, with no software download required.

Once it’s plugged into your computer, it begins its process of permanent digital file deletion.

It works on everything from files stored in your computer’s hard drive to deleting information on Photoshop – perfect if you want to factory reset your computer.

Unlike a paper shredder, Shredcube’s digital file shredding leaves no trace of documents, keeping all of your information 100% unrecoverable.

Whether you’re shredding legal documents to stay compliant or personal digital files to protect your privacy, the Shredcube will keep you safe and organized.

Best of all, the Shredcube is affordable and portable. Just a few inches wide, the $80 file eraser can be easily kept in your favorite backpack or briefcase for convenient use.

Give the gift of safety to your loved ones with the ShredCube, especially if they were put on Santa’s Naughty List this year. 

Give the Gift of Permanent File Deletion

Well enough, Ho Ho Hoing around – All of these gifts are enough to make a gadget lover happy. The most meaningful gift you can give is peace of mind. A great gift is a secure one that should really be considered spy gear- what a gadget.

With the ShredCube permanent file deletion system, you can keep all of your documents and files private.

Learn more about the Shredcube by exploring our website. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

For more tips on technology, visit our blog.