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Are VPNs Enough To Keep Remote Workers Secure?

With many employees taking on the newfound responsibility of working from home, they are accompanied by virtual private networks, or VPNs. Because the information that you will be utilizing from home is sensitive and is protected under specific network security at the office, it must have that same protection for remote access and those working from home. The largest question associated with the VPN is its ability to maintain the security of remote workers. Below are some concerns regarding a VPN connection, VPN limitations, and what users should be aware of in terms of security. 

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Are VPNs Secure?

All of these benefits to choosing VPNs sound almost too good to be true. How could there be a drawback to them and their overall security? Below are some of them to consider when reviewing secure files and data, and working remotely. 

It Could Be Illegal

Some remote employees carry their work with them across the globe and assume that VPNs can be used wherever they are. There are VPN limitationsas some countries have deemed them illegal due to their ability to bypass firewalls blocking certain sites. For those companies who utilize foreign contractors and employ those around the globe, this is critical information. 

Anonymous Is Not Really Anonymous

People who use VPNs pride themselves on the anonymity that comes with utilizing these devices. Unfortunately, this is another one of the VPN limitations that they should be wary of when working remotely. When browsing or working in a web application, your VPN could become disconnected, leaving your identity open and your current work unsecured. Once this happens, you can expect that your information and data could potentially become leaked. 

Restrictions Enforce VPN Limitations

One of the highly advertised features for VPN usage is the ability to bypass internet restrictions due to the security and abilities of VPNs. This is not really true, though, causing many who take advantage of VPNs to find true VPN limitations in what it can offer.  Some large websites are required by a legal obligation to allow certain content in certain regions. Attempting to access this information with a VPN will quickly show the restrictions and prevent access to this data for most of these websites. 

While the options for VPNs advertise the ability to bypass restrictions and allow you entry into all areas of the internet, what they really mean is that they can guarantee entry into most areas. Attempting to enter these restricted areas could cause attention to you, putting you and your information at risk. 

Negative Impacts on Business Data

Not all VPN options are business-friendly, causing another one of the many VPN limitations. Having a personal one is much more convenient and secure to install as opposed to one for a business. Having to connect and pair it with the home network could be complicated and cause further security issues regarding identity and data. 

Depending on how many devices are taking advantage of VPN usage outside the initial network, this could negatively impact the safety and security of the data at headquarters. Productivity could slow down due to increased access to the network. Also, with so many attempting to access and operate on the network, the attention from hackers could be directed at the business, causing negative impacts on the data and the security of the data. 

The VPN Can Monitor You

No need to look for hackers watching what you are doing and following your every move on the internet. VPNs have the capability to monitor you, storing important data and information. Again, anonymity is not really true, but another data file is created which could negatively impact the overall security. Once the VPN stores your information and data, hackers are able to retrieve this file once you are found and infiltrated online.

Most VPN options that utilize this logging are those that offer special rates that are low and scary affordable. In fact, there are some that will trade your secure access for this information openly. This information is then used for their own means and personal uses. This is critical for those who are looking to secure a VPN for work purposes. 

Performance Complications Can Affect Security

Not all VPN options are designed the same, and some VPN limitations include the ability to maintain compatibility with some software. The ability VPNs to connect to private servers could vary, and be a problem for remote workers looking to achieve their duties from home. One of the factors in productivity for working from home includes performance and the ability to do their job. If the provided VPN is not able to properly connect, then employees are not able to maximize their performance. 

This can also cause security issues, with a VPN having issues making the connection, room for error and tracking could open up, putting your information and data at risk for hackers. Having your accessibility to certain websites and portals lingering is a way for information to be captured and utilized in a negative way. 

Maintain Security When Working From Home

While it is essential to maintain your own personal information, accessing and utilizing private business data while working from home adds another level of pressure and security concerns. This is why employees working from home should be alert and always aware of their security while using VPNs. Their advertised security is not 100% in most cases, requiring individuals to take additional precautions and safeguard themselves from ransomware and implement cybersecurity. 

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